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My Food Story

Hi Everyone,

My name is Xiaodi Zhou. I am a junior and double majoring in Applied Economic and Communication Studies. I am very interesting in cooking, and especially baking. I can spend half of my day in the kitchen and another half in the bed, reading recipes!

As can be probably seen from my name, I am from China. And more specifically, the northeast part of China. For our city, it is no exaggeration to say that almost all of us are meat eater, since from hundreds of years ago, we are located in the coldest area in China, and our ancestors choose to keep their body temperature normal by eating meat thus receiving energy. But for now, even though we do not have to eat meat to keep body temperature anymore, we are still meat eaters. For me, I cannot live without meat. They are just so delicious, and I cannot control myself!

One of the most famous dishes in my home city Dalian is called “Fried Pork in Scoop”, which I find a picture online. It is made of very flimsy pork tenderloin, covering the pork with paste and fry those for two times until they turn into really beautiful color of gold. This sounds easy, but honestly, this is so so so so hard to do in our own house, and I failed like millions of times but I still do not give up since there is no restaurants nearby can make that as good as restaurants in my city.


I also have a lot other interests related with food, such as traveling for eating and so on. Anyway, this is my food story, and I am really looking forward to meet all of you in the class!


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